Dynamic Human Emotions.

Ever felt a sudden change in your mood just for no reason ,well ,you must have and its not a big deal.We human beings are full of mixed emotions and its impossible to predict which person,which incidence or which word will impact you to completely transform the whole mood . Sometimes a single word can hit u hard and a whole speech can leave u untouched on the other hand sometimes a single word can be very impactfull for one but may not be for other . It all depends on your connectivity with subject matter. A word job can be a reason of mood change for a person who is jobless from months and yearning for it so that he can provide livelihood to his parents and the same word job can leave no impact on a 5 yr old child who had just started his learning experience.Life is full of ups and downs with numbers of emotions in our head but the only to overcome from this is to deal with them in the most positive manner possible.

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